With the development of the digital world, online protection is crucial. It is extremely important to protect your PCs, Mac, computers as well as mobile devices and tablets. This can be done with the help of effective internet security and anti-virus products from www.webroot.com that safeguards all devices used on digital platforms. Webroot is a private American company that provides comprehensive internet security solutions for consumers as well as businesses with various products. These services are available for home based computers, small offices as well as large business enterprises by preventing potential dangers in real time whenever they connect in the digital space for both personal and professional purposes. 




  • Here a few common indications that your computer has run into
  • Hacking of sensitive information and files
  • Loss of important data
  • Constant pop-ups
  • Slow system performance as well hang
  • Delayed response of applications
  • Device unable to detect wireless connections and printers
  • Hard disk crash
  • Auto-reboot of operating system, etc



  • For all these symptoms, you can find effective solutions from Webroot.com that include,
  • Installation and uninstallation of antivirus from www.webroot.com/safe
  • Updated Webroot security
  • Antivirus re-installation
  • Error fixation for antivirus
  • Computer scan to identify and analyze existing as well as potential threats
  • Configure Webroot according to system requirements
  • Customize security settings for complete protection
  • Repair Webroot antivirus

Comprehensive Care And Protection


Webroot aims to offer complete protection of sensitive files across all your devices that include all kinds of iOS devices, OS devices as well as Android devices by encrypting them, controlling access as well as providing an audit trail for changes to these types of files. The company provides complete care by shielding devices through a wide range of services.




Webroot Installation Guide

  Antivirus and cyber security products from this brand are easy to use and install and can be done in a simple manner by following a few steps. The security package ... 

Comprehensive Care & Protection

 Webroot aims to offer complete prote-
ction of sensitive files across all your devices that include all kinds of iOS devices, OS devices as well as Android devices ... 

Webroot/Safe for Home & Office Use

 Webroot has devised several antivirus products packed with various features for home PCs as well as for Macs, Tablets
and Smartphones as well. Each ... 

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Webroot Advantage For Business

 Businesses require different multi-level protection as compared to private users. With smarter cyber protection, you can safeguard your employees and company with ... 

 In a current overview, employers showed that 95% of their workers are utilizing cell phones for work, with 61% of the representatives utilizing their own individual devices. Quick and simple approaches to lead business in a hurry are picking up force; so is the requirement for powerful security for cell phones utilized as a part of your association. Like portable workstations, cell phones are vulnerable to advanced assaults. Progressively and more clients depend on cell phones and tablets to deal with their own and business information, opening up an alluring new focus for cybercriminals. While virus rates and dangers shift broadly by stage, versatile malware is developing exponentially for both Android and iOS gadgets. The aggregate dangers to Android gadgets broke down by the Webroot MobileResearch group rose 384% from 2012 to 2013. 

Webroot Antivirus For PC Gamers

 Gaming is a popular online activity but it also poses great threats to your PC as well as personal online safety. You can look forward to a stress free and happy gaming time by installing Webroot on your PC that offers complete protection from all kinds of existing as well as potential threats that can harm your device. Webroot Secureanywhere Antivirus for PC Gamersis one of the most advanced online protections that do not affect quality of gameplay no matter what game you are playing. By installing this you can enjoy three principal advantages. Firstly protection against loss of personal data, optimization of your gaming system and enjoy gaming at warp speed. These features make the installation and activation of this brand of antivirus extremely beneficial. 

Multiple Services For An Exceptional Gaming Experience

Webroot Antivirus For Gamers is aimed to provide every gamer with an exceptional and extraordinary online gaming experience. Some highlights of this antivirus program includes gaming time without any annoying lag or interruptions. Gamers also don’t need to switch to a special ‘Gamer Mode’ or ‘Silent Mode’ during gaming sessions that turns off real time protection to avoid performance slowdowns. Installing this antivirus also increases drive space, reduces access times and improves gaming performance.

Mobile Protection - WEBROOT

 Notwithstanding digital malware, cell phones are exceedingly defenseless against robbery and misfortune because of their size and convenience. Despite the fact that they can help amplify representative profitability, overseeing and securing these gadgets shows a one of a kind test for IT executives. Webroot Business Mobile Protection secures gadgets from malware, malevolent sites and application commandeers, while securing corporate and client information against incidental misfortune or burglary. Utilizing cloud security insight, Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Mobile Security requires no on-preface administration equipment or programming. Rather, the security status of cell phones is obvious and under control through the Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Management Console site. Organization of cell phones, PCs and system endpoints is straightforward. Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Mobile Protection outlined as a low asset use arrangement, keeping operational expenses down and gadget execution ideal. It limits battery, transfer speed and memory use, what's more, is dependably up and coming. 

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 For users in USA and Canada you can call +1-844-833-8348 ( Toll Free ) for complete help and support that you can find at Webroot.com/Setup USA. You can dial this number anytime, any day, 24*7 for support throughout the year. Skilled and professional technicians will securely access your PC over the internet and to fix every issue your computer is facing! You can sit back and watch your PC being treated only to perform better after every malfunction is taken care of by a team of able technicians through a high speed internet connection and downloadable application that allows remote access to your device. Here is how we work:

  • Every Webroot error is taken care of when you ask us for help on our 24*7 helpline number.
  • Webroot anti-virus is installed by well trained technicians with remote access to your PC to safeguard it from malware and protect sensitive files. Automatic download will start with

    Webroot.com/Setup Download.
  • Post installation, technicians will help you activate the product with the unique activation code and provide Webroot Application Maintenance for existing users as well in addition to renewal and upgradation of various Webroot packages. New users can also subscribe for Webroot antivirus for the first time.
  • Spyware and virus removal is another important function that is carried out.
  • Every issue like antivirus compatibility and complexities with other current software that could be conflicting is resolved with help from the technical team. Latest updates are checked as well.

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We work closely with all of our clients to ensure your WEBROOT product gets installed and meets all your requirements and exceeds all of your expectations.


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Download your product in siple steps :-


What you have to do when you have your new PC and are prepared to utilize it you should sign into the online support and then take after the guidelines in this KB Article to deactivate your old PC as far as Webroot.


  • When you have done then you should simply to introduce WSA on your new PC and actuate it. To do as such please take after the means beneath nearly as far as introducing WSA on the objective framework/machine!
  • Ensure you have a duplicate of your 20 Character Alphanumeric Key code! Case: SA69-AAAA-A783-DE78-XXXX
  • Make certain you have or add your Key code to your Online confirm at the link given at the site.
  • KEEP the PC web based amid the introduce to ensure it works accurately.
  • Download a Copy Here (Best Buy Subscription PC clients click the link given at the site). Please inform the customer care service of the Company in regarding whether it is the Mac adaptation you need.
  • Install with the new installer, entering your Key code when prompted to do as such in the introduce procedure
  • Give it a chance to complete it’s introduce check.
  • Reboot.

So Install Webroot in New Computer by following the above instructions and experience wonderful services of this software without any trouble.


Where Do I Find My Webroot Keycode?

This depends on which device you are installing Webroot – whether it is a Windows PC, Mac or Android.

  • For Windows – Log into your account and you will find the keycode along with other subscription information.
  • For Mac – Click on the Webroot icon and go to ‘My Account’. Here you will find the key code as well other subscription details.
  • For Android – If you have an active registration, then you will automatically get to see the key code. If your subscription has expired or is inactive then you will have to register yourself first to access the keycode.
  • For Apple IOS – You will need to log into your Webroot account with your email and password. You will find the keycode on the login screen itself.


Following Are The Benefits Of Webroot Business Endpoint Protection:


Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Mobile Protection is a cloud-based benefit that offers simple organization and incorporated administration over cell phones.

Online Administration

Intuitive, single purpose of control for perceivability and providing details regarding portable gadgets. Mobile dashboard gives moment status of gadgets requiring consideration. Ability to make custom and default amass arrangements inside the administration comfort for over-the-air sending.

Arrangements Might Be Made To Cover:

Antivirus shields, Lost Device Protection, SMS Blocking, Secure Web surfing and Password/Lock implementation for Android. General arrangements and Passcode requirement, and additionally Wi-Fi, VPN and endorsed email associations for iOS. Execute remote lost gadget insurance and general orders. Classifies the notoriety of downloaded applications on every single cell phone. Customizable alarms by means of email or SMS.


  • Cloud Simplicity
  • Quick updates that don't obstruct execution or efficiency.
  • Fast and simple sending by means of email or SMS.
  • No servers or on-preface framework required, diminishing capital use and managerial cost.
  • Built on adaptable, repetitive Amazon Web Services, guaranteeing your administration can develop as your business develops.



If you have decided to install this on your PC, you will first have to buy the subscription and create your account. Files will be automatically downloaded on your PC and you will have to enter the unique key code that you shall receive after paying your subscription and click on the ‘Submit’ button to complete the installation process.


If you are using Webroot for the first time, you can go for the FREE fourteen day trial and make up your mind about the product after this period is over. This trial is completely free of cost and you need not pay anything for a free download.